a lil big, a big little what excites life

what matters is that we coordinate our stardigies ,to the best in everything we desire .

the true value of hardwork and what it stands for with the essence of its reward of growth and success

earning your own way within a way plays a even bigger role in what it measure the timing it its admidities, growth on stability, change in how you put together everything you create in one bundle of acheivement, but create many vessle to the game

being punctual

taking the tome to prewsiste on treu worth

yet the timing of s new measure is discrete as ti the formal carrying if its essence to see the true possibilities in uts restore.



what refines the soul

what we live to know bis the heart of what we truely love, being to the essence of vibes that include time refiance and luck to be truthful in our endeavors. and to the great source to our own movement and the values it takes to substain our true form.

being of graditude and going forth in the vibes we want to carry everyday

Be of good will an tenacity, excell through hardship

When you go through things in life you look to solutions that better te future for future purposes to gain knowledge of the truth to know what’s real in the truth you Hold  the value in it

Nurturing the benefits of true lifestyle form the knowledge is real in the gravity of the experience we gain clarity in understanding to know that life has it’s own source of life and movement own your own dependne in what you desire to go for in effort to your own vibes daily

Oing for the best source when love gives truth to what you gain yo know in the process of your testimony yo be of great growth in what you create to know and what life brings

No barrier acan contest the truth source of knowledge of heart in who you are when the walk is right there time is effortless

Oing for the proper stadigy through the experience  gets us to the rote measure on resource develop w create yo own

Time we get pretty the source of timing gives hard work to who we are when we already put in effort t b strong of our accomplishments

Dony get to stunned off of what may deceit you know what appear to die tut you is of what people hide yo be truthful of what that person holds from the ground they stand to prove in excellence with no heditation

expanding and grounding when financial exploited success breakthroughs

premotin g business is not only about getting the word out about what sits to ther established , but gives base to the reolization of matter in what we need to see and address to a corperate method and measure and a solid carrier of a successful bringing and grounding.

setting up the solid detail in secure money bags is a definate expansion ion how you will generate the best source of structure for a financial stabability

as a momprenuer , beauty blogger , fitness advocate ive been bined with witchcraft so that i cant complete my missions to all my expanded and established outlets

bring forth information on how to still thrive off of the truth and were i still stand in being passionate at what ive been doing for years

money has been blocked from my links online, ive had subscription money stolen from my onlyfans account with being life hack by phones and computers , had to make submissions to the fbi because of theses people claim they have our lives from doing it, making threats to have my son injured in the future and them freezing my daughter not to do viideos and vlogs online for their general purposes.

i would say the last few mon tgh s have been crazy , clearly my family is known we premote our work and our lives strong and worked hard building ourselfs up to were we are today

people hgave been going to fortune tellers claiming they stole our lives lighting black hangman candles over photos of our heads and houses , saying we dont diserve to live good.

their a man whos famous that loves me out of this world that their have work done to make him drift from me, but moral to this blog is to let you know when life sends pressure diamonds rise.

their are things that i have went through in my life that a glass eye is mentioned and people bragging they have talismans and can see through our eyes and hex our ears to hear everything and feel offf of us

but our financial outlets expand stronger because we are a phychic angel family under attack the situatiion is real

we break througbh because we are still rich in who we are their are moments were we lost everything due to theses people screaming in spirit everything we write when we write it and what we do

this guy talks in spirit like hes god and hes not and he is expiosed as the devils spawn but i am the messenger that saves lives and brings solutions to great vibes in all formaty.

hes having his girlfriend copy my blogs every second to steal my work because of a hex i but i will still be posting so you know ans my freiends and readers that theses people are copying my blogs and this is real

they brag about blocking my website my youtube channels having a man who lives above me do music and a microphone over our heads to aggrivate our live to keep us inprisoned in our home , not to do fitness or take our kids to the playground and citys bragging they can see us through our ears because of a voodoo ritual they did.

but our outlets still exoand and we remain strong , but the essence to a breakthrough is exceeding in it , for more info on my lifestyle and encourement methods stay tuned in for more

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spiritual battles how To be abundant in it

When you are obligated to be at will of what your destiny decides we carry on in our own frame In excellence

We walk in favor of fine stable substantial up bring

We don’t pretend what happens to us carries us not to break and to be at how we want to break out that hurts us to carry us to a higher plane

Nurtures the facts as to walk when your lied on to know you are the truth no matter what claims want to distory every part of who you are , your being because you who you are with the facts of being innocent to being real to push and become better through being drained and to have faith in we’re we stand no matter the persistence of pressure and the dominance of our will power they try to steal we preserve it’s richness as a value of a true source of love on who we are carry efforts to believe we are in the place we’re we want stay in to believe theirs more to everything happening around us

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Natural ways to elevate in mass production when binded at your will power how to over come

Drink coffee, sit analyze the truth around you work it as a source of elevation in everything you see

Do what no indintation can tell you

Gather your heart in facts

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Xoxo Lorraine 💋